About Me

I am an SEO/Content Strategist for Newsweek. I have a background in education and online journalism and have written and reported on a variety of topics from technology to information security, gaming, and digital culture. My work has been published on several news sites including Newsweek, IBTimes and Player.One.

 I am a graduate of East Carolina University and, prior to my work in digital journalism, I taught for 5 years in Title 1 public schools. When I’m not planning content or juggling kids’ soccer practices, you can usually find me code dabbling as I work toward full-stack web development credentials.

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To see what I’m up to, follow me on Twitter @cammywrites

For professional questions or leads email c.harbison@newsweek.com

 For all other inquiries, please submit an email to cammyharbison@icloud.com.


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