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Former teacher gone writer, I love technology in all its various forms and uses. As a writer I enjoy exploring a wide variety of topics from humor to politics, information security to latest trends in technology. My passion, however, is for information security issues that concern the everyday user. I am an Apple fanboy and have a great interest in OSX and iOS security particularly. I have developed numerous connections within the InfoSec community on whom I call for expert opinions in my writing.

Why I Love Working In Online Media

My favorite part of working in the Communications field is making a connection with people.  In all of my work, be it writer, sales and marketing consultant or teacher, there is one thing I’ve learned: relationships are everything. Making meaningful connections with people–regardless of the career field–is vital to one’s success. As a writer, I have worked to build a personal connection with my readers through the use of story telling and in-depth, informative writing. I have a knack for leveraging social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to engage my audience and build my personal brand. Over the last three years I have increased my Twitter following dramatically, moving from 500 to over 10,000 authentic and active Twitter followers under handle, @cammywrites. I believe my efforts have paid off tremendously, and connecting with my audience in this way has made my work truly a joy. 

Educational Pursuits And Personal Growth

I am currently working towards full stack web development certification. I am a fluent amateur (is this even a thing?) at CSS, HTML5, JavaScript and the Bootstrap framework . I am currently focusing my attentions on the fundamentals of PHP,  jQuery and Node JS.

Future Plans

I’m unsure where my path will lead me, but I see my future continuing to extend itself in the world of Communications and Technology. My ideal job would involve editorial work, web development, SEO and online marketing strategies or some combination of them all.




Technical and Professional Communications

Master’s Degree (in progress)

East Carolina University  Greenville NC

Elementary Education (K-6, Reading K-12)

Bachelor’s Degree (2003 – 2007)

East Carolina University – Greenville, NC

Summa Cum Laude

Foundations Curriculum Honors Program

Ledonia S. Wright Award for High Academic Achievement



Freelance Writer/Reporter

Staff Reporter/Tech Editor Newsweek Media Group

(iDigitalTimes, Newsweek, Player.One)

July 2012 – present

As a Tech Editor/Reporter for Newsweek Media Group, I completed a variety of journalistic and editorial activities that include: 

  • Daily researched, wrote and published articles on a variety of tech related topics
  • Actively leveraged social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Developed a following of 10,000 active Twitter users and 700 active Facebook followers.
  • Averaged 1 million + unique readers per month in 2015 and over 2 million unique readers per month in 2016 and beyond.
  • Developed relationships with experts in the fields of programming, app development and security research for original news and reporting.
  • Attended and reported on numerous tech and security conferences.
  • Broke multiple information security and tech related news stories.
  • Mentored junior writers and aided in development of content, headlines, and seo.
  • Contributed to development of editorial calendar.
  • Led staff development on best practices in SEO and news cycle reporting.


  • Maintained highest unique readership within my news group for four consecutive years – Summer 2012 – Summer 2016 (Player.One)
  • Received 2014 and 2015 Employee Of The Year Award (Player.One)

Sales/Marketing Consultant

Academics Plus

January 2013 – April 2013

As a sales and marketing consultant with Academics Plus, I completed a variety of PR/Marketing activities which include:

  • Created information collection form templates in Microsoft Excel and Access to increase organization and coordination of sales contacts, follow up dates, etc.
  • Completed regular market research on competitors, trends in online tutoring, scholarly articles and more for use in product materials, newsletters and other marketing publications.
  • Created invitations and teaser letters for live webinars, as well as product informational sheets, competition comparison graphs and other sales and marketing publications for product informational kit.
  • Designed and scripted live webinars used to inform colleges/universities about our product. Presented live webinars for colleges and universities assessing the program.
  • Created/scripted 2 minute Teaser video about online tutoring product through Window Movie Maker.
  • Built the Academics Plus brand through daily social media posts and participation in education related Twitter chats. Increased company Twitter followers from 38 to 586 in 1 month’s time.
  • Utilized Klout, HootSuite, SocialBro, Buffer and Google Analytics on a regular basis for analysis and tracking of website and social networking growth and traffic.
  • Trained Sales Staff in relevant key words usage and ideas related to issues in Higher Ed today for use in cold calling.
  • Developed sales model of educational consulting rather than hard selling. Increased sales leads from 27 to 219 in 2 month’s time. 137 Leads personally generated.


Wayne County Public Schools
January 2008 – January 2012 (4 years) 

During my time as a teacher, my engagement in the educational community was high. Some of the activities and recognition included but are not limited to:

  • Managed and taught 24-36 students from diverse backgrounds, daily working with multiple educational specialists, including ESL and Special Ed. Teachers. I regularly practiced the inclusion model in my classroom.
  • Recieved Clinical Teacher Certification to monitor, rate and report on pre-service teachers.
  • Led staff development on Bloom’s Taxonomy, High Yield Strategies and Instructional Technology programs.
  • Designed of a school-wide services schedule, coordinating schedules of 800+ staff and students to align pull-out services for students. This resulted in more whole-class teach time for regular classroom teachers without interrupting lunch, recess and/or special area classes.
  • Served as ICT Case Manager ( 2 years of Experience)  – Teachers referred students to ICT. As ICT Case Manager, I would observe and chart data of student behaviors and academic issues and then collaborate with classroom teacher/tutors, sharing best strategies for meeting the referred student’s needs. We would design a remediation plan and I would revisit the teacher at regular intervals to assess changes in student behavior/academic growth and revise remediation plan as needed.
  • Designed and Implemented individualized and data driven behavioral and educational plans for challenging and at-risk students within my classroom, resulting in significant educational growth and behavior changes.
  • Rated Distinguished and Accomplished on yearly teacher evaluation instruments.
  • Recipient of 9 Donors Choose grants for educational equipment and materials.
  • Wrote 2 award-winning essays for Weekly Reader Teacher’s Edition and Discovery Education, earning technology equipment for my classroom.
  • Created and sold  educational products on


Weight Loss Counselor/Sales

LA Weight Loss
January 2007 – January 2008

Duties included but were not limited to:

  • Pitching weight loss program to prospective clients
  • Booking appointments/cold calling
  • Designing floor displays and marketing publications.
  • Taking inventory and placing orders
  • Participating in conference calls, training and other sales and marketing related meetings.
  • Creating and updating client database
  • Counseling clients as they went through the weight loss process.
  • Collecting and charting data on client weight loss, measurements, etc. for analysis/ reporting

References Available Upon Request.



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