About Me


Sr. Technical SEO Specialist at PKGlobal. I have a background in education and online journalism and have reported on a varied topics in information security, gaming, and digital culture. I’ve been published in both print magazines and digital news sites to include Newsweek, IBTimes and Player.One. My work has been cited in  academic journals, security briefs, white papers, government reports and most recently by Apple CEO Tim Cook during the Online Platforms and Market Power Congressional Hearing in July 2020.

My experience working for a digital publication and writing about technology provides me with a unique perspective on what works in Search Optimization while also giving me a greater understanding of the importance of Technical SEO and overall site health. I excel at working with large enterprise websites in the B2B and eCommerce space and enjoy delving into the technical and organizational challenges these sites often bring.

With a deep love of knowledge, I am constantly looking for new ways to up my skills. My current fascination is with Machine Learning and how it plays into Search Optimization

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