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Newsweek Media Group (Current)

Player.One and Newsweek

Writing and reporting on all things digital from video games, to social media to latest tech gadgets, software and more. 

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‘Homo Machina’ Puzzle Game Takes You on a Beautiful Adventure Through the Body as Imagined by Fritz Kahn

‘Little Traders’ Developer Sebastian Kuhnert Is Trying To Change The World, One Tiny Investor At A Time

Revolar ‘Magic Button’ Kickstarter Alerts Loved Ones When You Are In Danger

Nintendo vs Sony: The Epic Gaming Partnership That Ended in Shambles

‘Watch People Code’ May Be The Next Big Thing In Live Streaming Video


InfoSec Interviews/Reporting

 Security Experts See Wider Data Risk in AshleyMadison.com Hack

Hacking With Pictures; New Stegosploit Tool Hides Malware Inside Internet Images For Instant Drive-by Pwning

New ‘Locky’ Ransomware Virus Spreading At Alarming Rate: Can The Malware Be Removed And Files Decrypted?

Seagate NAS ‘Zero Day’ Leaves Thousands Vulnerable: One Hacker’s Painful Story Of Failed Disclosure Proceedings

New Android NFC Attack Could Steal Money From Credit Cards Anytime Your Phone Is Near

Google Just Decided To Spend Infinity Million Dollars On CyberSecurity

Google Urges Friendly Hackers To Set Deadlines For Fixes, But How Feasible Is It?

Can Apple Read Your iMessages? Yes! iOS Hacker @Pod2g Reveals The Truth About Apple Encryption Services And What It Means For Your Privacy 

Past Contributor/Writer Pages

Voxxi News

This is a news source aimed at the Hispanic population in America. I post blogs and articles related to education, such as scholarships news,effective teaching strategies and trends in elementary through higher ed.

GSM Nation 

Unlocked cellphone dealer. All the entries are reviews of cell phones or tech related blogs. 

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posting blog entries on productivity, mobile applications and cloud technology

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