SEO News Reflections & Insights Coming Soon!

2021 is here and though the future is unclear it does feel like we’re seeing a light at the end of a very long dark, tunnel. 2020 taught me a lot about the strength of the human spirit and more specifically about what makes me tick. Having spent more time alone and sequestered than I ever have before, 2020 gave me a lot of time to think about the things I’ve let hold me back in the past and what I need to do to live my best and most fulfilled life. Call it a New Years resolution, but I’ve decided to start taking more risks, pushing outside my comfort zone and doing things that scare me. And one of those things is to start an SEO blog.

Now, if you know anything about my background, up you’ll know I spent over 7 years in digital journalism and editorial work so the idea of starting my own blog may not sound all that risky. But for me, a person who constantly struggles with Imposter Syndrome, all I can hear inside my head is negative rhetoric telling me that there’s no way I have anything meaningful to share or have the ability to share it in any way that would make someone want to read it. But in 2021 I’m pushing those voices aside. The reason? Because I love what I do. I’ve been involved with SEO for nearly 10 years now and I’ve learned a trick or two along the way. I won’t promise to bring you some ground breaking new methodology or genius level insights that will dazzle and amaze, but I do hope with this new blog to start jointing the SEO conversation on a professional level.

My vision for this blog isn’t totally clear yet and I have no grand dreams attached to it. Essentially I’ll be using it as a way to process my own thoughts about new changes, updates and technics I’m discovering or absorbing from others with regard to SEO. If I find a great resource, expect I’ll share it. If I have an interesting case study, expect I’ll post it. If I read some interesting bit of SEO news or attend one of John Mueller’s hangout and have a lightbulb moment, I’ll write a reflection on it. This is no different than what I’ve been doing privately for years, but instead I’m inviting people publicly to the SEO conversation in my head. If 2020 has taught me anything, we’re better together and maybe something I’ll share will be beneficial not only for my own learning but for others as well.

My goal is to post once a week initially and it may be a convoluted soup of randomosity (much like this post) until I figure out what works.

Here’s to 2021! Here’s to taking risks! Here’s to making connections! Here’s to living our best life despite what challenges may be ahead.

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