JailbreakCon 2014 Coverage


Here are links to my coverage from JailbreakCon 2014, along with a photo gallery and “selfie” collection lol … Enjoy! (Note: Some items are shown without a live link. This is because I’m still working on them! Check back frequently for updates!).

NEW: – Faces Of JailbreakCon 2014: Developers And Jailbreak Fans Alike Share Why This Is One Event That Shouldn’t Be Missed!

Interview with Justin Wack, JailbreakCon 2014:  Meet Justin Wack, An Aspiring Young Theme Developer For The Blind

Part 1: The Barbecue – https://www.player.one/jailbreakcon-2014-4-day-journal-chronicling-incredible-jailbreak-community-experience-371942

Part 2 – Sightseeing and Breakfast at Dinnertime – https://www.player.one/jailbreakcon-2014-4-day-journal-chronicling-incredible-jailbreak-community-experience-371945

Part 3 – Preparing for Conference Day – https://www.player.one/jailbreakcon-2014-4-day-journal-chronicling-incredible-jailbreak-community-experience-372005

Part 4 – JailbreakCon Conference Day 1 –http://www.idigitaltimes.com/articles/22670/20140417/jailbreakcon-2014-part-4-day-journal-chronicling-incredible.htm

Part 5 – JailbreakCon Conference Day 2 – https://www.player.one/jailbreakcon-2014-4-day-journal-chronicling-incredible-jailbreak-community-experience-372068

Prior to JailbreakCon 2014, I published this article with Interviews from numerous members of the Jailbreak Community  –  JailbreakCon 2014 Is Coming To San Francisco, Will You Be There? Jailbreak Community Members Explain Why They Wouldn’t Miss It For The World


So these aren’t the best photos as much of the time they were taken at night and in dim lighting, and they aren’t arranged in any particular order, but they feature faces and names many will recognize.

They show moments from Thursday-Sunday at the Jailbreak House, conference center and around San Francisco. Hope you enjoy.

Jailbreakcon 2014 Photos – http://imgur.com/a/a0Ov3#0

JailbreakCon 2014 “Selfies” With 30 Influential Community Membershttp://imgur.com/a/nRg60#0

Selfie Flipogram – http://flipagram.com/f/Qg8oJV4AA6 (This is a silly video clip someone made featuring some of the “selfies” I gathered. )

More to come on JailbreakCon 2014:

The Voices Of JailbreakCon 2014: Developers, Fans and Jailbreak Community Members Discuss This Unique Experience

– Interview With Melissa Archer: Just What Is This Soap Opera Beauty Doing At A Geek Convention?

Interview With Ryan Petrich: Past, Present And Future Plans Of One Of The Most Successful Tweak Developers In The Jailbreak Community

– Interview With Rosa and Bruce of iCarbons: The iCarbons Story

The Because Of Ezra Story — featuring interviews with @KyleMatthews, @TCcentrex and @Subywrex



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